Santa Monica’s summer is here! With our sunny weather, there are many outdoor activities around Santa Monica Pier. There are plenty of activities for families, whether you spend your summer at Pacific Park enjoying the rides and games or relaxing on Santa Monica Beach. E-scooters, ebikes and other rental vehicles are becoming more popular. You can find these electric scooters and bikes in Santa Monica. They can be rented or rented by simply using an app on your phone. Here are some tips and guidelines to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable time with your e-scooters or e-bikes in Santa Monica.

Santa Monica has FOUR dockless scooter providers.
Bird Located in Santa Monica, Bird is a pioneer in dockless scooters. They launched their app in 2017 with over 1000 scooters being sold on Santa Monica’s streets. Bird was the first scooter company that offered helmets for free to early adopters. They also worked closely with the City to create the rules for this new technology. ($1 for the first, $0.29 plus tax every minute).

Jump is a ridesharing company owned by Uber. Jump has 250 scooters but nearly a thousand electric-assist bikes. These bikes are easily identified by their large red baskets and work in the same way as Uber’s scooters.

Lime is another eco-friendly transportation option. Lime offers scooters and electric-assist bicycles as well as traditional, dockless bike rentals across the country. You can identify them by their distinctive lime green color scheme. ($1 for a start, $0.15 per Minute)

Lyft This rival rideshare company offers scooter rentals via its app. You can find and activate scooters in the city by using their app. The scooters’ black and purple designs make them stand out. You can pay as you go and there is no deposit. ($1 for the first minute, $0.15 per second)

Here is a summary of everything you need to know ahout santa monica’s four e-scooter and ebike providers in one place

How to Use
Many app-assisted rental programs work in a similar way. Download the app using your smartphone’s App Store.
To find the closest scooter or bike, use your preferred app. The app allows you to check the battery status of each bike or scooter.
Next, scan your driver’s licence information using the app. Next, scan the QR code at the scooter. The app will ask for payment information if you don’t have it saved.
Push forward with one foot to start the ride. To accelerate, you can use the throttle on your right side of the handlebar.
To slow down, use the brake to the left.
After your ride, make sure to park the scooter in a safe and upright position.
You can lock and unlock your scooter using the app.

Respectfully park your device
After your rental period ends and your vehicle has been powered down, you can return it to a designated zone. If you are unable to locate a designated zone, please place the vehicle upright, near the curb edge, to ensure that pedestrian traffic does not get disrupted.

Road rules are enforced
Santa Monica Police officers will issue tickets to motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians and e-scooter riders for violating Santa Monica’s streets. Speeding, illegal turns, failing yield to pedestrians at crosswalks, riding along sidewalks, not stopping for signals and any other dangerous violation are all examples of these violations. Be safe when operating any vehicle. Respect other riders, drivers, pedestrians, and follow the right-of-way. Santa Monica summers are great for making memories and having fun. It’s important that you remain safe and courteous when you cruise in the California sun.