An x-ray is one of the main Sanford diagnostic imaging procedures you can expect if you sustain a physical injury. But x-rays are also common when your provider needs more information about your condition. The imaging test allows your doctor to assess the extent of your injury or the severity of your condition. Knowing what you can expect during the test is crucial in making you less anxious, and it can also make the entire process run smoothly. Here are some of the things you should put in mind about x-rays. Have a look.

Consultation is Crucial Before the X-Ray

While an x-ray is an important diagnostic tool, it is good to discuss the option with your doctor beforehand. It means exposing you to small volumes of radiation which may not be suitable for you due to several factors such as pregnancy and some medical conditions. Your provider needs to understand your circumstances to be certain that an x-ray is most suitable for you. They can recommend other imaging tests where an x-ray is not a good option.

You Might Need to Fast

Depending on the type of x-ray you will receive, you might need to be fasting before your exam. This mainly happens when going for x-rays of your digestive tract, where you might be required not to eat or drink for about 8-12 hours before your test. If you are on regular medications, you might be required only to take them with a small sip of water.

You Will Need Comfortable Clothes and Shoes

You should dress comfortably when going for an x-ray, as you will probably remove your outfit before going for the test. Also, you might sit while waiting for an extended period, which can be uncomfortable for you with uncomfortable shoes and clothes. Therefore, go for loose clothing for easy removal, depending on the type of x-ray you will receive. For a chest x-ray, you will only need to undress from the waist up, and you will be given a gown to wear. For other types of x-rays, your provider will also advise you accordingly.

Any jewelry is not necessary.

When going for an x-ray, it would be good to leave all your jewelry at home. You will have to remove them for the exam, which might inconvenience you and cause some anxiety. If you wear glasses, ensure you carry their case to the hospital as you might have to remove them as well. Therefore, make prior arrangements to avoid raising your anxiety on your appointment.

You Might Have to Drink a Contrast Solution

Some x-rays may require you to drink a contrast medium to help outline specific parts of your body on the test results. You can also be required to swallow a pill, receive an injection, and drink a solution of barium or iodine, depending on the type of x-ray you will receive. Therefore, ensure you consult your doctor adequately about the test you will receive to prepare yourself better.

You Will Not Feel Anything

An x-ray is painless, and you will not feel anything during your exam. Therefore, please do not be anxious about the experience as it will only take minutes, and as the x-ray beams cross your body, you might not even notice. It is only when a contrast medium is used that the x-ray can go a bit longer.

If you think you need an x-ray, reach out to Lake Family Medicine & Imaging to learn more. Your provider will evaluate your condition, determine the type of x-ray suitable for you, and help you get ready.