Advancements in technology have created groundbreaking innovations, especially in medicine, where doctors can now treat patients using their blood samples. PRP therapy in Jacksonville is a cutting-edge example of regenerative medicine. This field of medicine bears unimaginable capabilities and an opportunity to find necessary solutions in stimulating and accelerating healing.

What Is Plasma?

The human blood is made up of specific components, including plasma. Plasma is the component that is responsible for the liquid state of the blood. It contains water and proteins. Another critical function of PRP is being a medium for the cells in the blood to circulate the body. The red blood cells help in the transportation of oxygen. The white blood cells play a crucial role in maintaining your immunity. Platelets are the blood vessels that cause blood to clot. This process called thrombosis is necessary to prevent excessive loss of blood in case you are injured. Moreover, platelets also work to stimulate the healing process.

What Is Platelet-rich Plasma?

Many doctors leverage the science behind platelets’ ability to heal the body. For this reason, the use of platelet-rich plasma is incorporated in various procedures to help the patient recover faster. Platelet-rich plasma is a serum with high concentrations of platelets. The serum is developed from a patient’s own blood and therefore has a specific composition. In case you have been in an injury or after specific surgical procedures, invasive or minimally invasive, your doctor will inject PRP onto the site. You should recover quicker.

How to Make Platelet-rich Plasma Injections

The process of developing patient PRP is relatively simple. Your doctor will inject your body to access your blood and collect a few tubes of the sample. The sample must come directly from the patient. Most times, your doctor will prepare the PRP before you go for your scheduled procedure. This saves time during the surgery because it takes a while for the plasma to separate into individual concentrates.

Afterwards, your doctor will place the sample in a centrifuge. Inside, the model rotates to concentrate specific components together. Once your doctor takes out the sample from the centrifuge, you will notice that the sample in the tube has layers. Your doctor will then take the PRP portion of the separated plasma and inject it directly onto the injured tissues. The serum contains activated platelets which will stimulate the healing process.

Why Is Ultrasound Imaging Necessary During Platelet-rich Plasma Injections?

Sometimes your doctor may need to use imaging tests like ultrasound to determine the severity and location of your injury. During injections, your care provider may use specialized imaging to ensure that they are delivering the serum to the correct location.

The use of PRP is changing the way doctors approach injury and healing. Moreover, the therapy reduces reliability on anti-inflammatories or pain medications. Most patients also report having significantly less bleeding. If you are worried about the recovery process after a considerable procedure, contact Florida Regional Pain Management, P.A., to book an appointment and enjoy accelerated healing from PRP injections.