Has your family dentist referred you to a prosthodontist? Are you wondering what prosthodontists do? A prosthodontist, also called the architect of the smile, is a specialist who specializes in the replacement of decayed/missing teeth. They undergo an additional three years of rigorous training and specialize in treating complex cases of missing teeth. In this blog, we will discuss Roslyn’s prosthodontist and when to see one.

A General Dentist and a Prosthodontist- What Is the Difference?

It may be a little confusing for you to understand the difference between a general dentist and a prosthodontist. But the difference lies in the qualifications they have. A general dentist completes four years of training in general dentistry, but a prosthodontist spends another three years in DDS. During the three years, the dentists study and treat various cases, from easy to difficult ones. 

What Does a Prosthodontist Do?

Prosthodontists offer advanced treatment for the patient with one or more missing teeth. Let’s discuss their scope of work:

  1. Cosmetic Dentistry

Do you have a missing tooth? Is it stopping you from smiling? A prosthodontist can give you a well-balanced smile by giving you a prosthesis that matches your natural tooth. 

  1. Dental Implants

Do you know that every year, 300,000 people receive dental implants? Implants are screw-like material that your doctor inserts within your jaw bone. Over that screw, a prosthodontist will place a crown that mimics the natural tooth in function and aesthetics. 

  1. Treatment of Inborn Defects Such as the Cleft Palate and Missing Teeth

A prosthodontist will create a treatment plan for the reconstruction of the cleft palate and missing teeth. It involves prosthesis and surgical interventions to restore the natural dentition and soft tissue.

  1. Restoration After Oral Cancer

Sometimes, an oral surgeon has to remove the cancerous part of the mouth. In those cases, the prosthodontist restores the missing portion using the prosthesis, thus restoring function.

  1. Replacement of Missing Teeth

A prosthodontist provides the replacement of one or more missing teeth by providing well-fitted dentures and bridges.

When to See a Prosthodontist?

You should see a prosthodontist if you have missing teeth or oral structure due to trauma or congenital and cosmetic concerns.


Though a general dentist can perform most of the procedures, you need to understand that specialists come with expertise in their fields. By now, you must have understood about prosthodontists so, book your consultation with the top doctor by searching online.